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Todos los servicios tambien son disponibles en español

Todos los servicios tambien son disponibles en español


Todos los servicios tambien son disponibles en español

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Any loss we experience is due it's time to hold, mourn and befriend.  Our culture has separated the emotions of grief and has collectively and individually suffered tremendously for this. 

Grief as an partner and balance for joy is a process that we have a right to touch, feel and embrace. 

Gris is a Thanatology Caregiver (Hospice, Palliative Care, Death Doula and Emotional Intelligence) and has been walking alongside many during their last days of life over the last 15 years -helping out in the process of a loving letting go and the peace and support needed during such difficult times both for the departing as well as their friends and family.

The last two years included walking her own loving mother "Queen Gris" home and a beautiful honoring at-home funeral. 

She has a grounding and honoring way of stepping into a space to help welcome loss and grief just as it is.    

For assistance and support with grief and loss contact her here. 

If you have been suffering in silence- numbing or quieting down your Highest Self-- the voice inside of you that KNOWS there is more to life than what you have been taught to believe.  It is part of this KNOWING that led you to this page. 

Dive into the depth of your subconscious mind and social programming to Rediscover, Recover, Move Energy blocks and Remember WHO you are and what this GIFT of a beautiful life has for you. Soul care, Self love and Digging Deep into the roadblocks that are keeping you from experiencing The Magic of Life. Wake up to your divine feminine and the voice that you have been keeping hostage for so long. You can stop apologizing and wake up to your power. 

There is no getting around it, if we seek health in our bodies we must seek health in our mind, heart and soul. Who we surround ourselves with, what we listen to and allow; is just as important as the foods we choose to nourish our bodies and the movement /exercise we practice.  Deep Reflection on our life and the choices we consciously and subconsciously make is the beginning of an awakened, whole and Sacred life. With kindness and compassion, we can co-create a journey of wise and awakened choices as I support you on your life adventure. 

For 1:1 Support Coaching and Spiritual Direction contact me here: 

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